Top 5 Resume Writing Services

These are reviews of customer resume services for the most excellent writing services. We've streamlined the entire process so that reviewing and comparing different sites to each other will be a relative snap. It'll be a breeze comparing ratings and reviews of resume service companies and their writing services based on the quality of their customer service, the price of their packages, and the overall excellence of their products. All of the companies listed here have certified writers and offer professional results.

Rank Service Rating Price Discount
Short Review
$89.95 resume2013 This resume writing website has certified writing professionals who will offer you effective and proven resumes that emphasize all your strengths and capabilities as well as how these advantages best relate to your field of choice. In other words, this is the company to depend on if you want a standout resume that best caters to your prospective employers' needs. If you want to get your resume noticed in a good way, Resumes Planet is your best bet. Read full review
$199.95 spring14 This website is filled with one-on-one, certified, and personal-resume writing specialists. The staff and crew of the Resume Writers site are reliable experts in more than five dozen industries. For nearly ten years, has given the job-seeking public the best and most sought-after pro resume writers around. Read full review
$179.95 EE2008 This resume writing company's main claim to fame mostly rests on its topnotch customer service and dependable, cream-of-the-crop resumes. Furthermore, this is the resume service of choice for establishments such as the US Air Force, the Wall Street Journal, and so forth. In as little as two days or forty-eight hours, Resume Edge will produce a potentially job-earning resume. Read full review
$129.95 best7 This service employs only the best and most experienced resume writers available, and it shows when it comes to their output. If you want you resume to be personalized yet affordable and fast as humanly possible, then CraftResume is there for you. Besides which, all of this company's services include a money-back guarantee, which just shows you how confident they are of their effectiveness. Read full review
$49.00 RWSR5 As its name suggests, Resume2Hire delivers to you top-of-the-line resumes immediately and without much hassle. By using this service's resume writing packages, you'll get personally branded, high-impact custom resumes that will allow you to secure interviews and win over your employers in next to no time at all. Read full review

How to Pick the Best Resume Writing Service
Choosing the best resume writing service for you is no walk in the park. In order to get an attention-grabbing resume, you must first work on your introduction to your prospective employer-to-be. First impressions last, and the first gateway to catching an employer's attention is right at the beginning of your resume. You need to introduce yourself well and make him want to give you a chance thanks to your eye-catching intro. The success of your entire job hunt will probably depend on how well your resume has been made regardless of how long a career you've had throughout the years.

Why Should You Use a Resume Service?
Even if you're a fresh grad or simply someone who wants to find a new job, a skilled resume writer is exactly what you need to proverbially slip your foot into your employer's door before he closes it altogether. With that in mind, a resume service is adept at summarizing your strength and weaknesses, education, and work experience in a page or two and ties it all together in accordance to the needs of your potential employer. Don't make the mistake of assuming that resume writing as a mere proofreading, encoding, or word processing service; it's a lot more than that.

Your resume doesn't only list down your achievements, education, and experience; in many ways, it's used to as an advertisement to sell your capabilities to your targeted company. As such, your resume should be aesthetically pleasing and effectively written in order to catch the attention of the HR department and present you in the best possible light. It's also best that you allow professionals to handle the resume writing themselves because just as you don't rely on yourself to write legal documents unless you're a lawyer, you shouldn't attempt to write resumes on your own since there are better, more professional options around anyway.

What Does a Resume Writing Service Do?
In a nutshell, a resume writing service is supposed to convince the company you're applying for that you're perfect for their job offering. In order to sell you and your abilities, a resume writer will typically:
  • Talk about where your career is going as well as outline your unique objectives
  • Pick a resume format that best highlights your capabilities in a readable manner
  • Use convincing language that shows your strengths and downplays your weaknesses
  • Customize your resume in a way that shows off your true talents and advantages
  • Make changes as needed
The resume only serves as part of the factor that ultimately gets you employed. The quality of your cover letter, how and where you seek jobs, and your past and present career decisions all work hand-in-hand in determining how well your resume will be received. Simply put, even the best resume writers out there can't help you if you're looking for work in all the wrong places or if your cover letter doesn't introduce your cover letter properly. In order to make sure that your dream job is well within your grasp, your resume writing service of choice may offer additional features and benefits such as:
  • Preparing interviews
  • Distributing resumes
  • Writing cover letters
  • Consultations for your job search
  • Consultations on your career
What Should You Look for in a Resume Writing Service?
Here are the rules of thumb and other indicators you need to take note of to ensure that the resume writing service you've picked has everything you need to catch the attention of your prospective company:
  • Services Should Offer Convincing Literature: Whether you're looking at a pamphlet or browsing a website, you should pay close and careful attention to how persuasive a given resume writer's literature is. After all, since it's their job to sell the abilities of their clients, it's only natural that they should be experts in selling their services to you as well. If they can't do something as simple as that, then search elsewhere for a resume writing service that's worth its salt.
  • Experience and Education: In order to ensure that your resume is high quality and won't be thrown to the trash by the people who are supposed to peruse it, your resume writing service of choice must have both the experience required to write topnotch resumes and the grammatical education needed to ensure that there's nary a typographical or spelling error in those one or two pages that summarize your educational and career achievements.
  • Reviews on Resume Services: Check out the reviews on the resume writing companies you're scoping out, because if a service has more satisfied customers, then there's a better chance of you acquiring a real keeper of a resume writing company. This page compiles all the reviews good and bad so that customers can choose the resume writing service that works best for them.
Tax Deductible Resume Services.
It's in your best interest to consult a tax professional because in the U.S., it's possible to subtract a majority of your job-seeking costs in your income tax return even if you're employed at the moment. More to the point, the fact that you're availing of resume writing services can be used to justify further tax deductions.

Putting Your Career First
If you want to add extra "insurance" in getting your resumes noticed by any and all the prospective employers you've submitted them to, then hiring a resume writing service is a must. Depending on your objectives, there should be a company for you listed here that will benefit you the most, whether you want better cover letters or superior customer service from your resume writing service. If you want your dream job to become a reality (especially in light of today's uncertain economic climate), then a resume writing service is the way to go!

Professional Resume Writer Reviews
On this page, we've compiled the best resume writing services on the worldwide web, plus we've also gathered customer service reviews that summarize the pros and cons of any given service and have helped hundreds of people like yourself choose wisely when it comes to picking the best resume services possible. After all, your resume writers must be certified professionals with actual experience in writing successful resumes for any given field. If you want a more affordable alternative to professional resume writing, you should consider using a resume builder instead.