Resume Planet Review - 1st place

Taking a quick glance at their website will immediately tell you that they are legitimate resume writing company. Their site is neat and it simply has everything an old or a new customer may need. However, the customer will usually want to read some details about the company first before making orders, but all the information that he needs could be located in the FAQ’s page.

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resume2013 was able to deliver the paper that we asked on time. Lateness could really be catastrophic for any customer as this may lead to a loss of opportunity. How do you think would an employer feel if for the first time that you met him to submit your CV, you are late? Almost a hundred percent of all employers do not like workers who are always late to be working in their company. Based on our reviews, is a company that customers could trust when it comes to deadlines.

Before a new customer could place an order, he has to register an account first. The process of registration at is quite easy. The customer only has to put in his real name and email address. The registration platform they have is actually simpler compared to other premium resume writing service you can find. Once you are registered, you can place your order.

A customer at does not have to be registered if he only wants to inquire about the service. There is a chat panel that any prospective customer could use to ask any information he wants from the technical support team. The support team is available 24/7 so the customer will not have to think about the perfect time to drop in a question.

If you really want a premium-made resume, then you should be willing to pay a certain amount of money for that. Service prices at ranges from $40 to $ $300 depending on the type of package you want to order and the time required.

Overall, is a real deal and it definitely gets you a handsome resume that you can pass to any employer of your choice.